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Circular shears model 5/1800 TM

This circular shears is designed to clamp the centering point of the piece to be cut so as to facilitate the interaction with an automatic/robot transfer. Unlike the traditional 5/1800 the cutting head is movable, assembled on ball rail systems driven by brushless motor (to set the diameter through keyboard with tolerance ± 0,02 mm).
The machines can be supplied with circular centering plates (diameter 90 ÷ 500 mm) with quick set-up and bearing plate with vertical pneumatic movement to facilitate the piece extraction and cutting operation.
Technical features Value
Max. thickness (R. 400 N / mm2) 5
Min Ø (mm) 150
Max Ø (mm) 1800
Max. beading height (mm)
Cutting speed (mt / min) 35