Spiral duct forming machine

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Spiral Joint Forming Machine for Maximum Resistance


The process of spiral joint forming requires innovative technology, able to ensure excellent performance in terms of grip, wear resistance and durability.  In spiral joint forming, work is carried out on a connecting part – such as the joint – on whose robustness and quality the smooth operation of an entire plant depends.  Using spiral joints with high production standards ensures the proper transport of gas and liquids in a system of industrial or domestic piping.  As for forming and trimming sheet metal, for processes on stainless steel bases for storage of liquid and food, and many other manufacturing requirements, at Lucas we are also leaders in spiral joint forming.  We offer innovative machines, designed to make joints with outstanding craftmanship.


Amongst the products developed by Lucas for forming and seaming rubber gaskets on fittings we find the VBU 1200-E, a machine where working units have electronic stroke control by means of a servomotor and guiding by recirculating ball screws.  Some of the principal advantages of the VBU 1200-E are absolute precision and reduced set up time.  The machine is supplied in various versions with diameters between 80 to 1200 mm.  However, the choice does not end here.  Our company has always been known and valued for its capacity to develop completely new special tailor made machines which allow specific operations to be carried out such as spiral joint forming in steel and other materials for joining more pipe segments.
Businesses which look for support and advice on forming joints with rubber gaskets and spiral joints in steel, can turn to the technical staff at Lucas for more information on our machines’ features and on  operations which are of interest.  We are always available to prepare the best solution with stand alone application or for installing on hi-tech production lines.  The dealers page has an interactive map with representatives in Europe and the rest of the world who can be turned to for sales and assistance.
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